Awesome Cooking Steamed Taro Coconut With Pork Delicious Cook Recipe – Village Food Factory

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Hi Guy today i want to show you about Awesome Cooking Steamed Taro Coconut With Pork Delicious Cook Recipe – Village Food Factory
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nafees azam says:

Thin puppy. Please feed it!!!

Safarina Sweet says:

Halo,im from Malaysia…nice food..😀💃

Cooking with Elissa says:

Wow, I've never had this dish before. It looks amazing! I have to make it soon. អរគុណច្រេីនដែបាន​ share.💖

nafees azam says:

Your puppy is so thin. Please feed your animals properly!

Krystal says:

Is this root the same as dasheen?

Babita Bhusal says:

Nice, bt show the dog in between cooking or prepertion , its nt feel good

Mk Sam Aude says:

I like it! Yummy .. and the rice is awesome delicious, white and soft..

Sheetal Chandervansi says:

Please be a gud human being. Don't become a devil.

Cantika suhendar says:

hy i from indonesia

John Soit says:

That must taste really good 👍

Larry Song says:

This girl can chop the rib bone and coconut likes pro. Her cutest simile when saying garlic 👍😊

Mould Lady Singh da says:


Zainab Zairasehar says:

Wow, ,absolutely so yummmyy, 👍👍👍,,I'm hungry sis,, 😂😂😂,,good job sissy,, cute dog behind you. And your background so fresh,, and when u eat, I also heard some crickets, 👌👌👌, nice, 🤗

Shanakay V says:

Nice recipe pork look has if it could be alittle bit tender more


I am a fan of taro and this menu will be followed very soon

Moon Cake says:

Both sisters voice sound a like and very cute. Little Molly is also so cute hanging behind the young sister cutting foods.The young sister this time didn't make her new signature by smelling the food with a cute smile. Hope she will do it next time. Million Thumbsup =).

Moon Cake says:

Watching little puppy Molly has always been my favorite part of this video. Watching the cooking and cutting foods in natural background with birds and roosters always calms down my mind and relax.

Now these both sisters made the cutest part by saying the food names with so cute and sweet smiles. These are all your signature. So proud of you all.

Christiana Alexandra says:

Pork?? 🙊🙊🙊

John Fairbrass says:

Your Language is COOL 👍👍

Rossy Rodriguez says:


Pamela Fabiola says:

ami me gustan mayores :u

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