Chicken Pot Pie Croquettes

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daisy martinez says:

My Cuban-American ass is quaking

HA91 Altaf says:

tasty !!!! you are the best

Prakesh Choudhary says:


Durkhanai Bibi says:

That “oh yes” at the end of every recipe is SO BLOODY ANNOYING!

lazy otter says:

I like the music more than that idea of eating a pot pie croquette😂

Iyasu Smith says:

This channel keep topping itself.

Abhishek Verma says:

If I don't stop watching Tasty's videos I will definitely drown in my saliva someday

t haw says:

Y’all can’t season for shit

TopCat says:

Looks really good but I feel they should season the chicken by itself a bit more

Satisfying and Relaxing says:


The Blue Channel - Tutorial And Unboxing says:

When u want to watch tasty but u r on a diet 😅

Matthew Basler says:

There's just a sad lacking of cheese in my opinion, but otherwise it does look semi-tasty… JK, love it, but you could've put in some Gouda to keep Dutch or added some beautiful Cheddar…

SimpleCookingVideos says:

This is harder than it looks

Kristine E says:

Walai cheese

Fluke Skyswimmer says:

I wish i worked for you, so i could help eat the leftovers and to be a willing guinea pig for your experiments.

Oishī Banana! says:

It looks simple but…BLAND!
Maybe i'll add in some cheese to this recipe 😉

Leo Nathjir says:

I tried it.. But it didnt came so perfect as you are doing….😥

Kawaii Panda says:

Me when I see tastys videos 1:27🤤

Soha Karim says:


Kristen Sanders says:

That was a ridiculous amount of onions….🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

Shagistha Afreen says:

Superb recipe

Ja'mya Young says:

I wish I could try this but I am allergic to onions 🍲🍲😭😭😢😢😔

Village Foods says:

Gonna try this recipe with the twits for all orphan kids in my area .. this is really new so I can make them happy with this new recipe.. keep posting like this more

Zahur Virani says:

Guys, honestly stop. Stop acting like bigger chefs when ya'll are not even true fans of the channel and then there are stupid comments about how white people like it bland, sorry but this is the wrong video to comment about race.

lilmonster90210 says:

Kudos to tasty for having the balls to throw them in the hot oil when they were obviously sooo runny and barely holding together

Jolly Joel says:

I wish I had an external organ dedicated to this type of porn.

PikaGelly says:

Looks like a recipe I can actually do without screwing up… I think 🤔😂

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