Silken Tofu Soup with Seafood Recipe

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Hi everyone!
Welcome to my cooking channel (food channel)!
In this video I’m going to show you how to make delicious Korean soup, Soon Doobu Jjigae / Silken Tofu Soup!
It’s spicy, lots lots of flavor and so good with warm cooked rice!!
I’ve received lots of request for this recipe, so I’m finally sharing with you all!!
It’s my version, and I dare to say, it’s better than the traditional way.
So you’ve got to try my version of Korean Silken Tofu Soup and tell me what you think!!
I know for sure that you gonna love it!!

Soon Doobu Jjigae / Silken Tofu Soup


1 Tablespoon toasted sesame oil
1 Tablespoon Gochugaru(Korean red flakes)
1 clove garlic, chopped
1 green onion, separated white and green part; chop white part and keep green part for later
3 fillets of anchovy in olive oil
2 Tablespoons finely chopped onion
1/4 cup chopped kimchi
2 cups water
1 Tablespoon unsalted butter
4 large shrimps head and tail on, peeled and devein
1 1/2 Tablespoons fish sauce
3/4 of 1 block silken tofu (15 oz.)
2 eggs
3 oz. peeled, devein, head and tail removed shrimps
1 1/2 cups clams
Salt and pepper

Heat a medium clay pot(dutch oven or any kind of thick bottom pot) over low heat; add sesame oil and next 4 ingredients, stir cook for 3 minutes or until it looks like nice thick paste and anchovy melted in oil. Add onion, cook for 45 seconds then add kimchi. Cook for 3 minutes, stir frequently. When all the ingredients became soft and combined well, add water and stir. Bring it to boil.

Meanwhile, heat a medium skillet over medium-high heat; add butter. When butter bubbles add shrimp and cook 1 1/2 minutes to 2 minutes each sides or until it cooked through and nice golden brown each sides.

When soup is boiling, add fish sauce to season. Taste it before add tofu, it should be salty.
Add tofu and bring it to boil.

Meanwhile, bring 5 cups of water to boil to poach eggs. When it boiling, reduced heat to medium and simmer the water. Add egg one by one, poaching 3 minutes per egg.*

Add remaining shrimp and clams into soup, bring back to boil again.
When clams are cooked(they will be wide opened when they cooked) remove from heat.

Assemble dish; pour soup into 2 serving bowls, top with 2 pan fried shrimps and 1 poached egg each bowls.
Sprinkle with remaining green part of green onion, and you done!
Serve with warm cooked short grain rice and enjoy!

*Seonkyoung’s Tip: You can add egg directly into soup at the end instead poaching separately.
Crack egg directly into soup after all the seafood are cooked, and the soup is hardly boiling. Cook additional 1 minute and you are good to go!

I hope you try my recipe soon!! It is really really delicious, I promise you!!

Thank you so much for watch my cooking show!



marianne030 says:

hi Seonkyoung… how much BTU does your portable gas burner have?


my mouth is watering so much right now, shrimp, clams, and eggs are my favorite ingredients, and kimchi is sooooo good!!

Manita Devkota says:

Could you redo this Soondoboo tutorial w/ the use of your ultimate Korean stock? Please. 🙂 <3

Sharon Yang says:

Why do so many ppl use dry anchovies if you can just fry up the regular anchovies like you did?

M StG says:

What are the Korean red flakes? Is it like chilli flakes? Is this variety very hot or just mildly spicy?

Robert's Art Studio says:

This is not only a great recipe but this video is hysterical. That outfit is amazing; 50's housewife, haha! Love it! 

Leland Gerbig says:

I love my food spicy , When I make kimchi for example 1 nappa cabbage I use 2 1/2 cups of hot pepper powder

Bernard Hard says:

"Ummmm, Did I Make This"! lol

Mai Yia Her says:

You're so adorable lol.

Seonkyoung Longest says:

You can use it. If so, adjust amount of fish sauce(because Korean pepper paste is salty) and expect that flavor will be different… Good luck in your kitchen!

wangpangpang33 says:

Hi, Seonkyoung, if I don't have the korean chili pepper powder, can I use the korean chili pepper paste instead?

Seonkyoung Longest says:

Thank you! She can learn from my cooking videos~!! 😀

Maria Ferguson says:

wow this looks so delicious… I wish my wife can cook as well as you….

Seonkyoung Longest says:

Thank you Hilahcooking!!! 😀

Hilah Cooking says:

This looks so good! I love kimchi. 🙂

Seonkyoung Longest says:

You should make it for yourself!! 😀

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