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‘Abunubunu’ is a classic Ghanaian soup made from Cocoyam leaves, Seafood, Snails and Mushrooms. The soup is usually paired with Fufu and enjoyed across Ghana.
Full recipe including the ingredients and measurements are available on my blog


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Wendy Oyediran says:

Hi Fafa…excellent recipe,i love ebunuebunu.please when are you making Atadwe Milk(Tigernut milk pudding)?

Marian Nimoh says:

NO WAY! I LOVE spinach 😀

Gladys Ameyaw Boamah says:

Happy New Year Fafa. Well done my favorite chef. Could you please prepare us fried octopus one of these days. (Restaurant style). Thanks

Henni Cooper says:

I love your videos, I think your cooking techniques are just remarkably amazing.
I Love German Chocolate Cake, so what I
would like to see if you can add an ingredient to make this cake Afrrican-German Chocolate cake, in other words add an African sweet ingredient to knock this cake out o thef box!

Princess Oseikuffour says:

So actually there was no added veggies

GlobalCeTZen says:

Never had this soup but ill try it. TFS Fafa. Happy New Year to you. <3

celia Alordzinu says:

Wow Fafa!,You do all,very yummy😊😊

renateteke says:

Will definitely try this soup. Thanks for sharing 😙

rock ages says:

Well done sister fafa hopefully we'll meet one day in London and do the cooking together thanks for sharing your idea with us everyday

Claudette Wilson says:

This looks delicious! I love how vibrant the spinach is!

victoria Badu says:

This looks so perfect. I can’t wait to try it👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

Folarin Kemmer-Pearse says:

Looks like yoruba ewedu soup!!!

Helena A says:

I will definitely try it, good for the weather thanks, nice

Augusta Konor says:

Looks delicious. I will infuse mine with kobi 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 and will try this method with okro too. Thanks for sharing.

Marilu Maxx Million says:

Fafa you make cooking look fun and easy. Love you

chokl88 says:

U are smazing

One Journey says:

★★★★★ Perfect I am on it! We are currently in our winter season and this is perfect. "TASTIEST SPINACH & SEAFOOD SOUP RECIPE (ABUNUBUNU FROM GHANA) Thank you.
Kitchen Tools 1. Nutramilk http://thenutramilk.com/ 2. Vacuum Blender protects the nutrition

Vita T says:

Abunu3bunu, my favorite!

Mike V says:

I don't know about all this green stuff fafa…wey di3…d33bi

Fedous Afiriyie says:

well done fafa

Fedous Afiriyie says:

fafa and her infusio doesn't de3 wobua oo keep it up

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