8 Desserts in 1 Sheet Tray

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Ma Rus says:

My problem with this recipe is that it's super unpratical. Don't get me wrong it's super cute and A+ for dessert variety. But never will I have only 1-2 cups of batters, doughs, and pie fillings sitting around needing to be used up. Which means that I'm buying A LOT of supplies and only using like 1/4 of it.

Kenya tube says:

The cheesecake

Trinity Mayes says:

Omw to spam David’s comments telling him to make this. 😂

Pixelated Pinecones says:

My mouth watering 💧 just watching this

Roseline Victor says:

We definitely need a behind the scenes video!!! I want to see someone struggling to actually make this!!

BTS trash says:

Most people would share….. I wouldn't

Rokhaya Cameron says:

Who else saw on Insta

Clorox Bleach says:

This is fucking genius

JeezRight says:

What about the different cooking times??

Sarah Linn says:

Das ist richtig geil und voll schlau ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙

basicallyitslisha says:

waiter:order up

Wink says:

How to build 8 desserts in one tray.
Where's the recipe? Like wut

Let's get Baking says:

The lucky person who gets a corner of cookie brownie s’mores and me&m cookie

Miranda Crazy Hope says:

smores or pumpkin pie

addpinkie says:

amazing, you made an entire recipe video without one single recipe

Angelica Gayle says:

Is this legal.

Nazma Akhter says:


Najwa Farizal says:

I can do like that . Thai is so easy

Siti Nur Fatinah Nur Sharizain says:


Derya Kaymak says:

Jbjgbhyyuiiijmb mk BNN j i i,i,..koop
X sa-Cxcff

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