Abuelita VS. Ibarra CHAMPURRADO TASTE TEST | Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe

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Containing chocolate, milk, a kiss of cinnamon, and a touch of corn meal to thicken things up, champurrado is Mexico’s lovely take on hot chocolate. And while were at it, let’s battle Abuelita and Ibarra to see who the makes the best cup of hot chocolate. New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.

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This video is NOT sponsored. Just wanted to make hot chocolate.

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Poppy M says:

I had no idea this beverage existed, but I can't live without it now.

Altuğ Kalaycı says:

You are using the word “permutation” wrong every time. And it kinda makes me cringe… 😬

abrcrmbeetennis says:

I know you’ve been getting these comments so frequently but girl, you’re almost at 1M subs!

Confectionery Tigon says:

100 sit ups
100 push ups
100 squats and 10KM running. EVERYDAY!!!!

pyarkaaloo says:

Mrs Doubtfire 😂😂😂😂 •dead•

Aga Fe Luague says:

Champorado here in Philippines is Chocolate Rice Porridge 😀

Matt Lopez says:

My filipino ass tought htis was champorado (chocolate rice pourage)

Jen V says:

abeulita always 🇲🇽 ❤️

Sara e. says:

Abuelita choclate lady Sara Garcia!

Baby Dumboo says:

I love how Emmy respects every culture & tries to always make authentic as possible ! 💖💖

turtlelovef says:

Where my family is from, we dont use masa, we use galletas animalitos (plain animal crackers) and it taste delicious!!

John Bell says:

Champurrado in the philippines as made of cooked rice, chocolate and milk on top!!!

Gabriel Ortiz says:

Forget Ibarra and Abuelita! My favorite is Azteca Hot Chocolate!

Grams0ren says:

Here in Spsin we have this kind of chocolate tha you have to cook . Its name is chocolate a la piedra you have to grate ir. It have chocolate cinnamon or vanilla sugar and flour and you boil it with milk until it thickens. If you are like than me you can have it for breakfast with toasted bread but soaking churrod is traditon. Kisses

Filipino Archmage says:

We also have something like that here in the Philippines. We call it Tsokolate Batirol, we use water or coconut milk as the base then we add our native chocolate which we call Tablea and then we sweeten it with brown sugar. We also use a woodturned utensil similar to that and we call it monorillo. We usually mix our Tsokolate Batirol using the monorillo inside a tall silver pitcher.

Mochi Gami says:

Did I hear abuelita and champurrado 🙂

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