Easy Potato Soup Recipe – How To Make Potato Soup

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Easy Potato Soup Recipe – How To Make Potato Soup

In today’s show, I’ll be sharing our easy potato soup recipe. If you don’t know how to make potato soup, you’ll see that it is super easy! It tastes like a gourmet baked potato with bacon and the entire family will love it!

Easy Potato Soup Recipes

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Carol Johnson says:

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Julie Anne Price says:

Pay him per compliment lol

sandy says:

My friend talked about moving for ten years. She looked at different houses in another state and she constantly talked about it. Her family for years believed they were going to move, but she never moved. So, I say go for it and don't overthink it.  I mean, do your finance and be prepared, but if you are truly serious, then it's time to go for it.  If the Lord knows you are serious and willing to do the work, then he will help you find your new home.

Kirsi Sykes says:

Hi hi from cold Toronto!!! Tawra, you crack me up! "Mike your excitement is underwhelming!" That is just priceless😂

becky shook says:

you should have told the dr you are a famous cookbook author and know abt nutrition

Tita Linda says:

I sautee half an chopped union or one leek first, then add two cups of water and boil three medium potatoes, when done keep the water blend it and add one cup of heavy cream or half and half, whatever you prefer. Add salt, pepper and a little butter. Fry some left over bread in little squares and add them to each dish before serving. Nothing else, it is great, simple and very tasty.

lennie hilt says:

I love your cookbook!

Cat Lover says:

Great show guys!  I will be praying for BJ's save travels and health.  I hope Elly has a great birthday on Sunday.  I hope she's not working :/   And I am so glad to see Tawra wearing the Aussie apron.  I saw one on Wanda and thought she snuck off with yours.  LOL!  Thank you all for a fun show.

Joanne Freeman says:

Glad that I made it. Sorry to be late from Kelowna BC Canada

Dinahsoar says:

Your home made laundry soap may be the culprit (why you dishtowels are not absorbent). I used it (not your recipe, one I found on the internet) for close to a year and it was great at first, but then I discovered that there is a residue build up in the fabric over time. You probably would not notice it in clothing (although I did, mine became a bit dingy) but in dish towels etc, you would notice the build up. You can google why this happens if you want to know more. I wish the soap worked b/c it was so cheap; but I guess the commercial products contain surfectants, etc for a reason.

Adele Etherton says:

ONe of the tips that I have used to thicken my soup is mashed potato flakes. In this way, it still has the potato flavors.

moonstone188 says:

I would love to get the information about the metal buildings my husband and I are wanting to do the same thing. Thank you for the good video

Khatereh Kiyani says:

Love your show. and your mom Jill is the most amazing and strong lady ever…

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