Soup Recipe – How to Make Seafood Chowder

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Watch how to make a creamy seafood chowder that’s lower in fat but still loaded with flavor. Packed with scallops, shrimp, crab, clams, and calamari, it doesn’t skimp on seafood. Skim milk, low-fat cream of mushroom soup, and fat-free cream cheese combine to create a creamy chowder that’s healthier than most.

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crissylovesjojo says:

Seafood too expensive

Paddylicious says:

…condensed mushroom soup? really?

Hazel Hazel says:

coming from the islands and living nearr the coast meant fish was a regular part of our meals growing up in fact beef or pork/lamb was a once a week treat usually on Sundays my dad who was a grest swimmer would often free dive and spear fish some of our fish meals – snappers, rockhinds and others he told me stories that as a boy, he wouldfree dive sea eggs sea urchins]coming back to surface to break them and eat them raw from the shell Today he is 101 years old what a life! i could easily eat fish everyday in some form, i yearn for fish like some people do for a burger have been wanting to make this meal for the longest time and this recipe catches my imagination so now i have to make it

bloodandwinearered says:

cream cheese?

Ron Reda says:

I'm going to make that soon!

Alexa Alial says:


LaDonna Bell says:

I am gonna try this tonight…looks so yummy!

Carole Ingram says:

This looks yummy buy but I would personally opt for regular milk and lower fat cream cheese. For more flavor, perhaps adding chicken bouillon cubes to the milk? Im not calamari fan, so I would skip on that. 🙂 This is a good basic recipe to work from and get ideas! I will definitely make with my own little twist on it .

Emcun2005 says:

What can I use instead of condensed cream of mushroom soup? I couldn't find any of them at my place 🙁

Allrecipes says:

Hi Mari, let us know how you like this recipe 🙂

Allrecipes says:

Thanks for your feedback! Glad you enjoyed this 🙂

B!tch What? says:

Oh my that looks so hearty! I believe when I make it and ready to serve it it'll be all gone before an hour passes. Ty for this walkthrough video! I will sooo try it!

F'er MaGee says:

Oh let me tell you!!!! Heaven!!!! You all have got to try it and I'm not a fan of sea food! But this!!!! It's sooooo good!!!!

Lori Ann says:

oh my god *drooling*

Nah says:

Totally trying this. Thanks!

Yolanda Diaz says:

¿Y el Link de la receta para traducirla?

pkmnan00bis says:

You should always season to taste (and don't assume that you shouldn't because it isn't written), but in this case it should be salted enough from the Cream of Mushroom Soup.

keria thomas says:

I'd definitely make this but wouldn't use all the fat free stuff yuck.

foxbow90 says:

And no stock or salt? seems bland to me.

Chamil says:

this is great!

foxbow90 says:

what is the purpose of all the fat free stuff??? Don't people realize that most fat free products are actually less healthy…

alexandra soneja says:


Emily Merovich says:

You just put this on!

London Robinson says:

Looks delicious!

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