BEST Clear Vegetable Soup Recipe with Bone Broth in 15 Minutes

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Rebecca Brand shows how to make clear vegetable soup Click: for the bone broth, so the flavor is fabulous in 15 minutes, the tip for the best ever flavor to make this healthy soup fast. Clear Veggie soup is so healthy and easy to make. With this bone broth as the base you can make this fast, 15 minutes so you can have a most delicious healthy low calorie meal. This is my favorite quick recipe on my soup diet, I can lose weight fast with this recipe! I eat as much as I want and never feel guilty.

Don’t have 2-3 days to make bone broth yourself? Click this link to get an exclusive discount on my favorite pre-made bone broth and drink in minutes:”;

My longer, by scratch bone broth recipe is here:

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FTC: Thank you Kettle and Fire Bone Broth for sponsoring this video. My opinions are honest and true and are my own. I love your bone broth! It’s amazing.


Slaughter Food Creations says:

Sounds great! thanks for sharing ♡

Roman Shchukin says:

5:41 sloppy Rebecca, but that's ok

Bobby Sidhu says:

Wow Rebecca that's very healthy recipe clear vegetables soup and can l add sweet corn in this recipe

z y says:

Hi Rebecca,I'm still waiting for my *good rub" ha ha, only joking sweet heart!

Byron Chandler says:

Hi, sweet adorable Rebecca. Your soup looks beautiful, just like you. What's your best tip for making the perfect Swiss roll cake? Have a good day, sweet adorable Rebecca. BTW, you should definitely watch my Movie Theaters Pros and Cons video later. Never stop believing in dreams, beautiful. <3

Halsey Robert says:

Hey Rebecca glad you're safe from all the mud

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