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So simple you’ll be surprised at how much flavor this soup packs into every spoonful! Roast fresh Roma tomatoes, yellow onion, red bell pepper and garlic with olive oil and salt and pepper, then puree. Add to a simmering pot of chicken broth, basil and parsley. A family favorite that pairs well with a favorite grilled sandwich.

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Beck Reynolds says:

Throw in a small handful of white rice while boiling the stock. Puree it all together. Serve with a bit of cream and a dash of nutmeg.

JamesD567 says:

Roughly how many Roma Tomatoes = 3 pounds worth?

Ineluctable Smith says:

That really looks worth a try. Thanks for this.

Hello its me! says:

Can I replace the chicken broth with vegetable broth as a vegetarian substitute?

Connor Mullen says:

heating aluminum foil with oil or acid is DANGEROUS FOR YOUR HEALTH. nice recipe tho 🙂

Katherine K says:

The tomato fennel soup at Scaddabush is my fave! Was wondering how they could have made it this looks so good too

Joshua Gabriel says:

Tomato soup taste so yummy and delicious! It serves with toasted cheese sandwich for lunch!

Don't Buy Into The Hype says:

Pretty brutal music. Thanks for the recipe.

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