Awesome Cooking: KFC Style Fried Chicken Delicious Recipes – Cook Chicken Leg – Village Food Factory

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Hi Guy today i want to show you about Awesome Cooking: KFC Style Fried Chicken Delicious Recipes – Cook Chicken Leg – Village Food Factory
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Umar Khan says:

Hey really really lovely video great work from which country r u I really love this culture of village food best of luck for future please do share all the chicken recipes

Kavanur Food Cooking says:

super video!

iiinsaiii says:

What happen to most of the meat?

Hong J says:

love these my favorite parts of the chicken leg while they sell the like this in some markets for cheap they do test best since nearest to the bone is where the taste is.

Akil Abrahim says:

She's absolutely beautiful and her recipe looks incredible

capitan andrep says:

y la carne del pollo?

Lorina Nuguid says:

Pretty chef..

Ina Mawati says:

Ayamme daginge g adaa🙊🙊🙊🙊

Mel S says:

That thumbnail is unappetizing

Daniel Kistle says:

Oh my lord. For all the people giving them criticism.. I've been studying culinary arts for 13 years, self taught for 5 years, eventually got 3 chef's as my teachers, Culinary in College, and plan on taking it further. That pushed aside I love and respect the fact she shares her own home area food and recipes. For you who, 1. Are bitching about the soup powder and lemon grass, some areas can have a lack of certain spices, and seasoning 2. Country Fried Bone? What are you all, 12 and grew up fat and spoiled? Depending on the age, and location upon being raised a chicken can cover more or less of a meat scale. Healthy chickens such as these get exercise(Roughly 90% are cage free) fed on their own routine, and have the tendancy to get less meat over a wider set of muscle. I've eaten, learned recipes, and adapted from them in Portugal(Azores), Italy, America, and some areas in Japan and I can promise you each and every area has their own way of tending farmland animals. Lastly, for the damn food dye ever heard of presentation?? Think of it as their way of garnishing their food, but hey its the internet, why not hit the back tab and let culture be culture. K? K.

Hop Lam says:

Very nice chicken drumsticks I love eat the ends

BlackEvo | motion design says:

This is not fried chicken.

Asnie says:

Nice recipe yummy

Vadim Bobrov says:

Wtf was this cringe

Debby Eutsay says:


Danny Brooks says:

the dog is saying in his mind i better get at least 1 bone or im running away lol

Ahri says:

There's no resemblance at all to KFC chicken aside from that they're both deep fried… but that's okay! Your own recipe is still fantastic, you don't need to compare it to fast food.

Sasha Thomas says:

What the heck? This is soo NOT kfc "style" fried chicken. Soup powder & starch in everything I see 😒.

Moon Cake says:

Never mind those nonsense comments about the chicken legs you used to deep fry. Whether meaty or bony, it really doesn't matter. As long as everyone in your family likes eating them, that matters most.

My recommendation to you all sisters is wearing protective gloves when deep frying foods. The oil can splash and pop very high and far. Be careful, don't get burn on your skin. It could become scar. Always be safe =).

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