Keto Chicken Farcha (Keto Fried Chicken) | Keto Recipes | Headbanger’s Kitchen

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James G says:

Dude great video, looks amazing. Much love from Orlando, FL

Sierra Jameson says:

Awesome and easy recipe . What oil did you use ?

deckert618 says:

Chicken…Metal as F*ck!!!

Rehana Kaderali says:

Your dad is adorbs!! I love watching your videos. And thanks for the amazing recipes. Would it be possible to see your mom in a video at all? Your wife is super sweet seeming and cute, also! (I don't mean that in a weird way. I just know she sometimes "hides" out of the camera, lol).

justgranny45 says:

Oh my gosh, that looks so delicious! Your dad is adorable! Ha, no trouble in the loo!

Alyssa Gobelle says:

That breading style looks like it might work for fish (UK style with the vinegar on top)

sahithi raj says:

Yummy yummy 😊

Gamer 2 says:

For the Indian viewers, ask for Telephone brand isabgol in any chemist shop. You get 200g for ₹190. And this is much better than Dabur and other brands that I have used

Gamer 2 says:

Tried this now. Mine turned out to be extremely dark brown to be properly cooked. When I tried it at the reddish colour of yours, I found the chicken to be undercooked. So, I had to fry it for a couple of more minutes. Not sure if less oil was the fault. As I don't have a narrow bottom wok, I had to use a flat bottom one

Karmini Parsan says:

Our Keto Raja has another winner 👏👏👏

shashank sagar says:

Ooohhhhhh yeah!!!! Now I know what I am cooking this weekend…. cant wait..

Aaron Burroughs says:

That looks amazing… Horns up indeed

Aaron Burroughs says:

Oh hell yeah I'm gonna make this soon

Devialini De Souza says:

Hi Sahil
Awesome that you have made your life's passions your work. Very inspiring!
Now my question is: Have you come up with a recipe for keto samosa pastry? I've been looking on line and honestly have not found anything close to a pastry, I can use for samosas. Any insight would be appreciated.

seoreh says:

I have insomnia and I’m laying here drooling over this recipe and thinking about making it. I think I need to get a more interesting life perhaps. Or maybe this chicken is just that damn good.

Dyan Anggraeni says: new into keto diet. I just want to ask, is it ok to eat jackfruit seeds wen u r on keto diet? Thanks and sorry for my broken english 😊

First Name Last Name says:

Last one to the loo is a rotten egg! Psylium husks, LOL.

Geraldine M says:

Wow you're just like your dad! He's cool

Ali Javaid says:

So interesting to see how you pronounce Ispaghol in Hindi. It's quite different in Urdu!

y c says:

What husk is that? What is that crumb stuff never heard of it???? Anybody?

Laura L. says:

I‘m from Switzerland and it‘s 9am here and I am soooo going to make these for breakfast😂 yuuummy! Thanks to you my hubby and me are following keto diet for almost 3 months now. We love your recipes!😍

TheGhost of JohnMordaunt says:

I'm allergic to psyllium, can I use coconut flour?

Niharika Talwar says:

Woahhh your dad stole the show with the isabghol!!!! Bwaaahaaaaa! Thanks for bringing him says:

Looks awesome! Love the spice mix!

Ajith Kumar Sudarsanam says:

Hi Headbangers…Where to get the Keto Strips???

Adnan Huzaifa says:

Bro u can’t eat fried anything on Keto diet.

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