How to Make Boudreaux’s Zydeco Stomp Gumbo | Soup Recipes |

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Made with boneless chicken and Cajun seasoning, this recipe will make you feel right in the heart of Louisiana. Get the recipe:

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V SellingStuff says:

the word "gumbo" should NOT be used AT ALL in this recipe. 1 full cup of oil, seriously?? And 1 full cup of flour, seriously?? And the whole process period. throw the whole video away

VLOG What the Thompson's up to? says:

What gumbo? Where's the gumbo 🛑 with that beige roux. 🤔 yall should have just said seafood soup. And I would've been fine! Gumbo takes hours for the flavors to melt together. The chicken must boil first to create a genuine stock and all those veggies steam down. #imdone lol

Jay92961 says:

Damn, that looks good

Karen G says:

Gumbo is my surname ☺️☺️

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