KFC Chicken Popcorn Recipe | Crispy Fried Chicken Popcorn By Grandpa | Grandpa Kitchen

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KFC Style Popcorn Chicken Recipe | Crispy Fried Chicken Popcorn By Grandpa | Grandpa Kitchen

KFC Style Popcorn Chicken Recipe | Crispy Fried Chicken Popcorn By Grandpa | Grandpa Kitchen


Abdelrahman Mohamed says:

Grandpa plz make a video cooking chicken 65

TheGamingOrganism says:

Grandpa kitchen i love you, you have a caring and beautiful heart to do this for people, we need more people like you in this world keep up the great work we love and support you man keep it up.

Akash Chiyaan says:

My kind humble request.dont serve to same home.serve to different other home also.let them also have some surprise smile in the name of grandpa😊👍…

Robbie S says:

I think it's safe to say that he is world's favorite lovable Grandpa. And rightly so.

Jacque Cerbito says:

I miss my Father in heaven. Love you Grandpa!

Endergamer43 says:

Wow you have a REALLY sharp knife!

Neeza Be says:

Greeting from Bangkok,, you make me miss my BaBa,,

joe Andrade says:

Doesn’t the water he uses to clean chicken look so refreshing makes want to drink some

Tulu Ko says:

God bless you grandpa

Putra Tetelepta says:

God bless this grandpa😊😊

frying pan says:

Mix well 😀

I love this channel💛

Audrey Awesome says:

Grandpa gets younger every video.

dj k kannan sellakumar says:

I like your recpi reply me

SloopsPoops says:

I really like how the guy that is helping Grandpa, is very patient. He's an amazing part of this channel too!

Weslley Viini says:

Mano, esse canal é muito bom!!

Judi's Cuisine says:

I see that grandpa got glasses now.

LuciferZx TIG says:

I wish I had a Grandpa like you..🤗 !! Yummy 😋!!

Alfin Arifin says:

may Allah bless you Grandpa and crew….

Jaya Ram says:

akkada nenu undunte entha baagunno…

thaatha meeru superrrr


These kids eats better food than mine lol

Lady Grammont says:

Granpa the Iron Chef 😁

maqshiz says:

Only people hating him are them chicken running in back … no one like their cousins cooked as popcorns

Maria Vega says:



You should be proud of yourself

Jason Wilson says:

The man has a great cooking skill

Jason Wilson says:

I'm slow working family

Lisa Edwards says:

I love how he takes his time with prepping his food. now I want some chicken

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