Awesome Cooking: Fried Meatball W/ Bread Delicious Recipes – Cook Bread – Village Food Factory

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Hi Guy today i want to show you about Awesome Cooking: Fried Meatball W/ Bread Delicious Recipes – Cook Bread Recipe – Village Food Factory
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chor phone says:

Cambodian foods ….so yummy

jose solis says:

When is the older sister coming back. The one that started these videos. I haven’t seen her. Is she ok

Krystal says:

Why are the frankfurters green? Just food colouring? it's strange to me

Hadeéł H says:


Rossy Rodriguez says:


Village Food Life says:

Awesome and Delicious Recipe, thanks for sharing nice recipe

Fabio Tome Dourado says:


Ma Ni says:


Candace Nelson-Taylor says:

Please help. What is the green hotdog? Never seen before.

Robin Tucker says:

This looks so delicious!!!

Georgina Vizcaya says:

Saludos. Desde Mexico

Mahatma Gandhi says:

Wonderful # 💕& happy times 🎉
* Thanks *

Chann Or says:

what city is she leaving? and where is it?

preety Pinky says:

Can u please explain what is that red and green colour ingredient..

Larry Song says:

Yes hot deli s sandwich. Even better 🙋

Larry Song says:

It looks likes she gonna make banh mi sandwiches. Yeah yummy 😘👍👍👍

Alfonse Dente says:

What are the bouncy brown butthole things?!?!

duriyan manis says:

OMG very good I'm like

Drue Chan says:

Sosis ijo rasa apaan yak? 😁

Ma Ni says:


Dave Catalan says:

what is that green hotdog???

ايلا حليم says:

Cihuyyy eyyyyy eta raos PISAN

Amelia Aceves Ortega says:

Mmmmmmsebe rico 😋😋😋😋

Danith YT says:

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