Brad Makes Thanksgiving Turkey Stock | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appetit

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Everyone’s favorite Brad is back in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen to teach us how to make the ultimate Thanksgiving turkey stock. Brad’s trick to making the best turkey broth is to add a little chicken and ham too!

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Brad Makes Thanksgiving Turkey Stock | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appetit


Bon Appétit says:

Don’t panic! This is our 'From The Test Kitchen' series. It’s Alive is very much still alive. New episode dropping next Thursday!

Eric Lewis says:

Really loving the bone Appetit Test Kitchen and all you folks

Brandon Chavannes says:

pick the bones out and add to rice and lentils for the pooch

matthias bossaert says:

Make a roux with the stock. Ad all the meat. Ad some gelatine put in the fridge to chill. Bread crumb it after dipping it in flower and mixed egg whites. Makes for the best croquettes!!

Kieran Chan/// says:

Give the leftover solids to stray dogs

Sir MrNarwhal says:

Come for the Brad; stay for the Brad

KT says:

Pretty sure you can take the majority of the stock leftovers and make them into dog food. Not too sure if the onion being cooked in the mix (dogs can't eat onions) makes the rest of the food not good though. But I remember my mom boiling chicken for our dog to eat when I was a kid, so this reminded me of that.

Boredom says:

I was so confused on what happened with the edits 😭😭

Ally Hayes says:

A good idea for the meat is to clean it off the bone and make a homemade dog food/ add it to dog food. It’d be great if you were into fresh homemade dog food or if you just wanted to do something different for them.

Julio Gonzalez says:

Thank you brad

Ian Nathanatos says:

That dry meat with no flavor… perfect for my dog! She’d eat that up, just remove the bones and make sure of no allergies to anything else in the mix.

Phil says:

Hand blend the veg into the stock!

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