4-Flavor Sheet-Pan Crunch-Wrap

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Throwback Every Day_Full Rhythm
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Kenny Havoc says:

David Seymour I got something for you

Marilyn Alvarez says:

Looks good but too many flavor mix, when you cut it, you might get a piece with egg and chicken or bell peppers and some ground beef. I think one or max two flavors would be plenty, Beef and Chicken and Eggs with Bell Peppers for vegetarians.

Queen xxJ says:

SOMEONE CALL SHANE DAWSON! (but minus the healthy stuff)

CabotCheese says:

This is awesome! Great for feeding a crowd, or just a fun little Friday night family dinner. Thanks for sharing! – Averill from Cabot

Ana Dourado says:

All these onions gonna kill y‘all one day

Sarah Lawrence says:

Why didn’t this come or before the Super Bowl? Lol

Sindell Gonzalez says:

Such a great idea!!🔥👏

MaidenVoyagee says:

David Seymour where u at my boi

nikqualuv09 says:

mmm…Okay. No, but okay.

Jamillah Wilcox says:

What in the heart disease did i just watch??

Nathan Explosion says:

I don't see how this is 4 flavors when you incorporate the same flavors of lime juice, taco seasoning, and cilantro in three of them, more like 4 textured crunch wrap but I like the creativity to it.

Kinanthi Inten Pertiwi says:

You guys should check out martabak asin. It looks exactly like that but its fried. And have more eggs. And greasy. And can give u heart attack. But its good ✌

Carvest hopper says:

Gross taco bell ass food

Kidd says:

oh fuck I'm so hungry 😵

dewdrop287 says:

This looks great as a weeks meal prep too

holly wiss says:

Shane Dawson is shook

finn's cheekbones says:

martabak mesir

Shahad Rashed says:

How many calories ??

striketrow j says:

Please do a mukbang

Opan Mustafa says:

Pas lihat thumbnail kirain martabak telur

Yudha Prasandhana says:

Martabak? Lol

the tinker says:

Beef is bad for the environment

Ricky Morty says:

Eggs no why

ethan Kainth says:

Not very nice

Det. Maggie Sawyer NCPD says:

Lol, i know i wasnt the only one counting the tortillas, like wheres the 8th !? (I all rewinded it & counted twice) LOL
(Then i realized, they'll probably add it last)

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