4 Sweet Gifts for Your Valentine

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No. Just no. says:

More like 4 sweet gifts for yourself

Glitter._.editz_x And DIYS says:

My valentine is me

Kesho_Dragon says:

y’know who’d enjoy that caramel apple rose pie or whatever it’s called, me because im going to be lonely on valentine’s day as per usual

Ariana Sanchez says:

holy shit…. an ACTUAL pot brownie


it seems like everyone in the comment section don’t have a Valentine…Including me. forever alone


awwww the third one<3 adorable

Hey Schane says:

I would gladly make this not for any special someone but for MYSELF. #Collegelife

Julie Eyerman says:

i’m single so I can just make these for myself

Siddhi Gosavi says:

You know that even if you make this shit…. You gonna eat it all by yourself.

alyssa frigo says:

Where's the lgbtq squad at???

Joonie Joonhyung says:

if you don't have a valentine

go find one, you live once don't waste it by making and eating this alone.

Shweta singh says:

Awww these are so cute and delicious

Aubrey Heinz says:

If only I had a Valentine…

Jun Savella says:

as for the plant cake. wouldnt it be better to just make 3 layers ofround cake, level it, ghen stack then with frosting? i would think the inside of that would be raw

legohero1st says:

This is so sweet, but the moment I gave her a box of ferrero she replied, "That's so sweet of you! you're now my BEST FRIEND

Heather Graham says:

Ankle handle background surprise drama publish soil electricity seriously mine conduct.

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