Arabian dish ‘chicken maqlooba’ (traditional recipe)

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Leonida Calvelo says:

i thought you guys using that very expensive thing for coloring, sorry i forgot the name but its like tiny hair looking,,but I will cook this one so yummy looking.

Rhapsody BLEU says:

i'm filipina! wow you cook well, i like this maqlooba … score 10 to ten

ROSITA W Jocom says:

wow is verry nich

Elissica Bledsoe says:

Was the rice soaked first?

ariza says:

what is arabian spices

Bildao Jiton says:

Good recipe but too much oil

مطبخ مريم says:

تسلم الايادي❤❤❤❤

Vanessa Xavier says:


finbar felaheen says:

I love levantine food

Fathima Fiyaza says:

Mmm super 👌

Ayesha Maduwanthi says:

Good & thanks

Safran Zahara says:

What is it Arabian masala ?

angie hammett says:

I waited until I was eating my shawarma & rice take out from the night before last!

Mr Kelemedi Kamanalagi Lenati Lave says:

Preparation time made with love and the food sure taste better then me watching it. Yummy!!! 👍

Farhiin Misbah says:

Arbian masala Khan see Mila aap ko mam

Muhaji Ayan says:

Recipie of Arabian masala

Karima Hart says:

I made it today for my family. They like it but Not for me. Too much oil. I made a shake for me😀.

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