Awesome Keto Chicken Recipe | Popcorn Chicken – Our Fool-Proof Keto Breading for Baking!

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Popcorn Chicken Recipe:
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Awesome Keto Chicken Recipe | Popcorn Chicken – Our Fool-Proof Keto Breading for Baking!

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Like everyone else on planet earth, we love fried chicken! Some of the first keto recipe we made were variations on fried chicken. Needless to say over the course of our time spent following a keto diet we’ve honed in on the perfect breading for any and all keto chicken recipes. This breading is best for baking in the oven and will come out very similar to a diner chicken tender. Not a crispy outside, but a nice, soft, uniform breading. This is our favorite keto chicken recipe! The best part about it is that you can modify the seasonings to flavor the chicken any way you like. Enjoy!

Check us out on social media, we are putting out all kinds of high quality high fat content! Comment below and let us know what you think. We will be posting new videos twice a week and 3 recipes/blog posts a week. We are working hard to provide you with the tools to enjoy and succeed on your Keto journey. Feedback, suggestions, and interaction of any kind is always welcome. You can even request recipes and we’ll see what we can come up with. Thanks for watching!

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alexandrea bellman says:

Wayyyy too crumbly. I’ve tried this recipe twice this week and the chicken breading just crumbles. 🤷‍♀️

John Seeley says:

sosunds like a great recipe and you were fun to watch

hambone27803 says:

1:533:53 chicken music

Celtic Hero says:

I just made keto bo kho, it was super fatty. And I feel great no sugar no carb!

Texas Beast says:

Going to try thanks

Miguel R says:

Megha, stop playing with your food will ya?

kyle q8-906 says:

This is probably one of my favorite recipes ever, I personally do add about a tablespoon or two of oil on my oven pan and they come out like restaurant style tenders. Add some ranch sauce and baby ENJOY

Kallum Best says:

Thanks without this I would be lost Much love from New Zealand

Jacob Kamphus says:

You're beautiful. Don't be so nervous. Well done though 🙂

Peter Piper says:

The thing I don't like about eating in is that, even though you can make quick meals, it STILL takes longer to make it than it does to eat it. All that valuable time, all the clean-up, the expense of the dishwashing, dish soap, and everything combined just isn't worth it for people who are not hobby cooks.

SumDuud says:

Saw this video today and had to try it tonight. Only had coconut flour, but I thought it might give a nice twist. The chicken came out REALY DRY, like too much flour or something. Any thoughts on what I should do to fix that? Love your recipes and go Penn State (2014 Alum here)

Creolekisses World says:

Y'all rock

MsLawson33 says:

I thought Megha was allergic to almonds.

lockhrt999 says:

I'll try this with coconut flour. I don't want to rob the bank for almond flour.

Stacy Yeager says:

Woooohooo! LOVE the Penn State Sweatshirt! Love my NIttany Lions! WE ARE….

Philip Tye says:

You guys are great, thanks for the video's and your input

Concerned Citizen says:

Why not deep fry them in olive oil to add more fat?

Eshaq_jafari Jafari says:

thanks for your great video

Childish Devino says:

can we just fry the chicken?

K C says:

only half a lb ?

Chris M says:

Looks good, ready to try this out today.
Sucks you guys have a column right there in the middle of the kitchen.

abirami sukumaran says:

I had headache strday is that shows I am out of ketosis pls ans

Keith Shusterman says:

Nice Shirt! PSU Class of 2010! 😀

SecondNature13 says:

This is awesome! Can I replace with coconut flour? I'm allergic to almonds.

Didi1770 says:

Your channel is excellent. Gonna try this recipe tomorrow. I can hear the sizzle. Looks bomb. Thank you. 😊

Joe Laura says:

I just made this finally. It came out perfect. Thanks

Guppy Freak says:

More crispier? Ugh. Like nails on a chalkboard.

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