EASY Crockpot Chicken Recipe

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What you need to know for this video:
Original Recipe Idea from Emily Frisella : www.fithomeandhealth.com Snapchat: Emilyfrisella
What you need for the recipe in this video:
Salt, seasoning of your choice, chicken, non-stick cooking spray, brown sugar splenda 10g, Worcestershire sauce 1.5 tsp, Italian dressing 60g , bbq sauce 60g.
Steps: spray crockpot, season chicken with salt & seasoning, throw chicken in crockpot. In a bowl mix: Italian dressing, bbq sauce, Worcestershire sauce, & brown sugar. Once its mixed, pour on top of chicken. Turn the crockpot on high for 6 hours. Or low for 8.
We leave our chicken in the crockpot on warm for a few days. Not sure if you’re “supposed” to do that lol but we love having chicken warm and ready 24/7 since we work from home.
How to track: Myfitnesspal , add food ,recipes, create a new recipe,enter ingredients manually,serves 1 person , add all dressing ingredients with calories. I log 1/8 of a serving just to track something even though that’s probably estimating because most of the juice stays in the crockpot.
Suggested Substitutions for less calories: Walden farms BBQ and Walden Farms Dressing or a lower calorie dressing like Olive garden “light”.
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Mara Ribeiro says:

Talk too much .. lets cook the chicken

Kayla Buchner says:

she's so pretty!

Yishaii Dreamer says:

Stop cooking. Let us see your butt.

Nitesh Gangadharan says:

The best way to say Worcestershire is, ‘wash your sister’

IDontAShitGive says:

Id like to link to the box below

Nick Hinojosa says:

I say Wind Chester sauce

Moses Nagant says:

It looks like you baked on your makeup you ugly pigfreak.

Catch 22 says:

Damn it, I hate looking for specific stuff like those sauces at the grocery store…

Toon122 says:

Wuster sauce.

CuttinIt AllOut says:

Them sleeves by that chicken has me grossed out

DeAnna Wilson says:

Too much talking…. Need to get to get dinner cooking

Bruce Marchetta PCMA says:

Belated: October Halloween 2017. It has been suggested to brown chicken in the oven or stovetop before cooking in the crockpot. Does brown make the chicken more flavored tasteful? chef-wanna-be-Bruschetta Baja Ca Mx. Anyone please. thank you.

Nomi Blair says:

What do you serve this with????

Hector Cruz says:

Thank you.
And, HAVE MERCY😍,…you are beautiful

A Keeper Of Odd Knowledge says:

Worce- ster- sher sauce.

But, as a boy, I just called it Winchester sauce!

JoshL says:

It is best to avoid putting raw protein onto wooden cutting boards since bacteria can grow in the pores. Plastic cutting boards for raw protein.

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