Spicy Chicken Keema Recipe by Lalit Kumar | Chicken Semi Gravy Recipe | Keema Recipe

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In this video, you will see how to make perfect chicken keema recipe, basically this chicken recipe is one of the most famous recipe in muslim society. So this is a semi gravy chicken recipe or you can say a chicken dry recipe. India has produced lot of chicken dishes and this is one of them. Hyderabadi chicken keema or muslim style chicken keema recipe is almost the same. Making chicken keema and mutton keema is very different so don’t follow the same procedure. In upcoming videos, we’r coming with mutton keema kaleji recipe, stay tuned.

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Chopped chicken boneless: 500gms
coriander powder: 1tbsp
cumin powder: 1/4tbsp
kashmiri red chilli powder: 1tbsp
chilli powder: 1tbsp
mustard oil: 2cup or 15tbsp
green cadamom: 4pcs
black cardamom: 1pc
bay leaves: 3-4 pcs


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thats chicken…its overcooked…

Jagjit Kaur says:

No tomattoes,no curd?

Pitanshu Priy Srivastava says:

बेहतरीन चिकन कीमा। मस्त बना था । आपने बहुत तरीके से बनाया। आसानी से समझ मे आया और बन भी गया। हा अगर टमाटर भी स्वादानुसार डाल देते तो ग्रीवी और मस्त बनती।

Mohammad Akram says:

Make video on beef and minced beef

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Nice video thanks for sharing
Watch my new recipe chicken hahakar for non veg delight lover

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Make a video on kosha mangsho ( chicken or mutton)

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The way of explaining the dishes in this channel is really good, every single bit is explained in detail….

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