Turkey Hunt for the Grill

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Fresh grilled Wild Turkey is on the menu at the Pit. Watch the BBQ Pit Boys hunt, prepare and cook turkey on the grill. And it’s real easy to do as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys. You can print out this recipe on our Website https://BBQPitBoys.com/recipes/wild-turkey –
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CafeBianco says:

Best turkey I ever had was shot with a 92 Chevy Beretta doing 70 on the Pennsylvania turnpike. The car didn't fare so well

CafeBianco says:

No special hunting gear here… just jeans, t shirt and ball cap. Good shot fellas! Keep the recipies coming!


Music sucks

Kevin Scheifele says:

Looks like a smaller turkey than we have here in Canada? Either way, I'm sure it tastes GUUUUD EH!

Wedd84 says:

Nice quick kill love it

Stephanie McInnis says:

after three years of being posted… I cant believe nobody ever liked this video for you guys …well ill give you your first like for this video… and working my way to like all your videos but get sooo caught up watching yous cook "and making sure everyone gives a thumbs up" f course…and then I start cooking and jus let all your videos play through…give me a shout out one day in a vid…my name is Leland and this is my ladies channel Stephanie and that my family in the picture that I cook for…my daughter always rocks right out to the music you guys play too…we all love your style and the thing I try makes my family hungry for more!!!! BBQPB4LIFE!!!!
thanx for your unique style and great tastes!!!

Stephanie McInnis says:

WYLD TURKEY…MMMM MM MMMMMMM…. way better then that store bought farm raised crap you get at the super market that's for sure!!!!

Rapheal Francis says:


nor helmy says:

this is how your grand grand father live.they dont go to the super market

Jason says:

At the 8:50 mark. What kind of critter was that running on the ground?

Lonnie 1Love says:

that 🐝 is getting on my last nerves

Lonnie 1Love says:

Im so here for this, I wanna go hunting

angelhdz413 says:

But did you see the little mouse at 8:50 bottom left corner??? 🤔🤔

Grady Shehu says:

Rat was like,let's check this out ooo yeahhh. Lol

bee thao says:

looks really good but gotta clean it better

Nahomi Echeverria says:

did anyone see that rat crawling on the floor

Sam Reeves says:

Where in the States are you boys?

Nick Watson says:

So what would you say wild turkey or chicken taste like?

Paula Banáné says:

Szuper !!! Köszönöm az élményt !!!

2Dtardeds says:

Chef here with 23 years experience. Excellent video, however do remember that by BBQ'ing, Char-grilling and smoking Chicken or any type of bird dries up the meat inside. An alternative approach to this is by steaming the chicken first to moisten the inside. Once cooked through the steam, chuck it quickly in the grill just enough minutes to soak up the smokeyness.
For the flavouring, I mix olive oil with BBQ sauce and inject it in the chicken then proceed to steaming it, the sauce and oil will also help keep the inside flavoured and moistened. Just a suggestion boiz and keep up with them videos!

James Epperson says:

looks like that was stubbs bbq sauce…Im the only one in my family that likes it. The rest of them are crazy lol

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