Easy Chicken Alfredo Recipe From Scratch

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My one of a kind easy Chicken Alfredo recipe from scratch. Once you try this recipe you will never go back to the stuff in a jar. This is a tasty way to hide vegetables from picky eaters…although the calorie count defeats any of that effort. Paired with a salad and fresh French bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip…so tasty!

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Kim's Child says:

I love diced asparagus in chicken Alfredo. The texture is so good! I also just learned that coriander on the chicken is so good. I have to try your veggie dish. I have had a bottle balsamic vinegar sitting in my pantry forever!

middleC17 says:

I live by myself and am vegetarian. No I do not need help with converting recipes, don't worry! I like to make big batches of stuff to have leftovers so I don't have to cook every night. I don't mind eating the same thing three days in a row. I like watching your videos for inspiration and because it's just fun!

bellisperennis42 says:

"I don't think you can ever have too much garlic!" – Priscilla, you are my Soulsister 😀

Cheryl Boyanowski says:

Bummer!!! I thought it was as going to be gumbo.

daisymayboo says:

I so appreciate you talking about vegetarian alternatives! I absolutely love these videos 🙂

Heidi Gerber says:

I just made your red velvet cupcakes and they were amazing! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I sent a picture of them on Instagram direct messaging if you want to see how mine turned out looking! 🙂 Tonight my sister is making your four cheese stuffed shells with meat sauce recipe for dinner! You rock Priscilla. 👍🏼

Carol Kelly says:

I love you and your videos. Food Network look out, here comes Priscilla!

lauren klein says:

Mmmm looks delicious! I made the peach BBQ chicken and mac and cheese. It was yummy!! I did have a question. Does the Alfredo sauce cost a lot more when you make it from scratch or does it make a lot more? Looks like it would taste amazing!!!

Iris Rabassa says:

Yummy dish…..

Heather Moore says:

This looks ahmazing ….

Meredith Wood says:

I'm vegetarian (technically pescetarian) but I love watching your videos lol. Everything looks sooo good!

sid sidney says:

When my son was younger the only meat he would eat was chicken. So every meat that I cooked, I told him it was chicken. That actually worked for about two years until he caught on. Haha

Love's Deepwaters says:

Priscilla trying to cater to everyone! "A" for effort. You surely can't please everyone! 💗

MsEaine says:

Oh I love you Priscilla…..💚💚💚 Awwww you two make the best team!

EH CBunny says:

I used to sneek cauliflower into my macaroni and cheese. By the time they've noticed the macaroni was a veggie it's too late.

Cordia Schmidt says:

My mouth is watering!!

Siriz 0000 says:

You're the best! You always dress so nice too! (I watch FA too.)

cynthia stauffer says:

I Love love love red onion!! This dish really looks scrumptious!

lo fi says:

I'm Italian-American and I don't think adding vegetables to your alfredo is weird at all! It's alfredo primavera. I really love vegetables, so I would probably add broccoli, carrots, and maybe some red bell pepper to it, too. Those would all go well with the sauce. Some chopped bacon would probably mix in nice with it too if you're going non-vegetarian. (Also, for my beginner vegetarians out there: plain tofu would NOT be good with this, but a meatless chicken substitute would. Cook it a little longer than recommended and press it down into the pan at the end to get a good browning on it and a more firm texture.) I never would have thought of adding balsamic to the veggies while cooking though, I'm going to have to try that.

Dalaney Dunn says:

I’m lactose free and The only thing I’ve found that doesn’t work well is almond milk when trying to make pudding

Brittany Grass says:

I would.love to.make this but I am.afraid my family won't eat it but it would be away to get my younger siblings and grandpa to.eat vegetables

Carolanne Gust says:

I usually do carrots and brocolli sometimes corn ima try urs the next time i make alfrado looks yummy

annette whitbeck says:

Love you guys. Looks delicious. Gonna make this . ❤

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