Roast Turkey Recipe on the Traeger Timberline Wood Fired Pellet Grill | Holiday Recipes on the Grill

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Chef Tony shows you his favorite roasted holiday turkey recipe on the Traeger Timberline wood fired pellet grill. I use a homemade marinade injection as an internal brine and coat the bird with a flavorful compound butter. An incredibly juicy & flavorful turkey is just a cookout away!
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Filmed/ Produced by: Paris Frederick


Southern Smoke Boss says:

Traeger are get very popular. Nice season

Hector Silva says:

Just add every herb u can find and… Bam!

Mother's BBQ says:

Man Tony, that did look incredible!

Vincenzos Plate says:

Love your channel so much. Missed your videos. Always fun to watch you

Rob Colling says:

Excellent turkey, thanks for sharing your recipe.

Chatovato says:


Baby Back Maniac says:

Wow, you guys covered a lot of territory in this one. Good job! Turkey looks great.

Lonnie Villarreal says:


joey b says:

Just got the Timberline 1300 and Love it!!

Simon Purser says:

Looking good

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