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All the moms who have pint-size fussy eaters at home please join me to learn so quick snacky tiffin recipes from my friend Sonal Bara.

Every household at least has one kid who drives the mother up the walls by either wasting their food or asking for another option. I have one little fuss pot at home who only enjoys Jam and Bread sandwich in his tiffin…so I quickly gave a distress call to my friend who came to my rescue and taught me 4 very easy and handy recipes that anyone can cook..even a bad cook like me can make these quick recipes …so watch my video and hope you guys like it. cheese paratha recipe. Do try out and let me know if your kid likes it. Leave in a comment.

Parenting is as tough as it is rewarding. I am the Mother of a Handsome 5 years old, who love to enjoy life. I am passionate about raising children the correct way and not handing them a mobile phone when things get tough. Although, I do admit that I slip up from time to time. So, join me for Parenting Tips and Tricks that will make your journey into Motherhood enjoyable and fruitful.

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Mommy knows best.


Swati Tiwari says:

Really nice n yummy 😋 😋

Saima Mehboob says:

What is caurt

Maninder Singh says:

it is soo nice

Gajendra Rathore says:

Kya hai yeh not good at all

Anmol Verma says:

I like 2 one

Star Angel says:

so finally …even you agree that these are all unhealthy food…a person cannot eat these food…… because it is unhealthy….then why you make such video…. instead you should work on less oily,quick n easily cooked,healthy nutritious food,with easily available materials….you know a good thing in a video can take a small place in someone's life…. happily…if it is not harmful in any way….coz even I don't like unhealthy food….

kawaljit Kaur says:

Not a healthy recipes for routine for kids breakfast

Gagan Chauhan says:

Not healthy for kids at all

Saranya Remeeb says:

Interesting recipies

Sunita Ambarkar says:

You said its all quick but only starting two

Anmol Verma says:

All are looking yummy thanks for the recipe

Star Angel says:

all unhealthy food

Neeraj Sharma says:

Bhan pat nhe bhara

Zareen Khan says:

Pizza pocket kha milyga

Kakoti Mridu says:

eno use se sideefec hoga kia.

Zahida Farveen says:

Why all those dramas😂😂


I love this recepies😙

Deep's Khazana says:

great..i also made quick recipes

Pratham Goyal says:

I like piZza sandwitch only in this

Rohini Bhattacharya says:

Is Eno safe for children ?

Purva Shilu says:

My son is 1.5 yr so I can use ENO in his snack or not ??

Ramya Pk says:

all the drama was unnecessary.recipes are okay.

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