Village Food Farm Fresh Coriander Leaf Fry Recipe Village Style Delicious Fresh Coriander Leaves Fry

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Village Food Farm Fresh Coriander Leaf Fry Recipe Village Style Delicious Fresh Coriander Leaves Fry is our video topic.

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Asma Akter says:

Ame try korshi aey video ta dekha. Testy asa….

Naoual Malek says:

تبارك الله

villfood says:

Eto boro dhane patar gach

Ferdosi Akter says:

unique recipe e first dekhlam…mashallah..jini ranna korchen uni ke hon apnar..amar salam janaben jodi somoy pan…

Ferdosi Akter says:

apni kon district e thaken bhaia..mone hochhe north bengal e..woww fress coriander leaves dekhe khub darun lagche..corainder tree atto boro hoy dekhi kokhno..just opurbo..onkkk dhonnobad atto atto ojana jinis jananor jonno odekha jinis dekhano jonno…..stay well with your familyand friends

CoolMidnight Blue says:

good simple traditional recipes,

children playing without any tv, i pad, cell phones or modern tech distractions. Just good old rough and tumble fun

and they are excited about eating their greens
you Deshi Food Channel
have earned my subscription click

more please and i'm trying this recipe

SetuMrinal Dev says:

Aapnader video besh valo laage..tobe fries gulo r ektu sundor shape hole dekhte valo laagto☺

Nijar Sultana says:

Very uncommon and unique recipe and those children are Angeles no tv no iPad they're happy with each other. 😚😚😚

SON -GT says:

Those kids sound in background i miss my childhood

Village Food Life says:

it's delicious, i tested this recipe from street foods stall

Kamran Jawed says:

Thanks dear sis giving us new idea of food I will must try inshallah

the one from K says:

the kids are so cute! are they brothers and sisters or cousins?

Sazna Begum says:

Coriander leaves fry ami protom deklam oshadaron lagse.bacca gulo ki khushi korse valo lagse.Ami England e taki mashaallah kuno din eto voro coriander gas dekini.

Suely Alves says:

Crianças lindas parabéns comida boa

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