8 Chinese New Year Recipes for You // Angel Wong’s Kitchen

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Chinese New Year 2016 will be February 8, 2016. Here are 8 recipe ideas for the coming Lunar New Year celebration. ♥ Subscribe to my Channel for more videos! http://bit.ly/1HbtZaI

♥ Recipe Links:

1. How to Prepare Hot Pot http://bit.ly/1K4Pzzx
2. Dim Sum Style Turnip Cakes http://bit.ly/1Jqo7SI
3. Whole Steamed Fish (recipe coming soon)
4. Hainanese Chicken Rice http://bit.ly/20jIyVq
5 Spice Roasted Soy Chicken http://bit.ly/1HYsWS3
5. Shrimp & Pork Potstickers http://bit.ly/1PwhY3C
Homemade Chili Sauce for dipping http://bit.ly/1PwPAOX
6. Sausage Fried Rice Recipe http://bit.ly/sausagefriedrice
Baby Bok Choy Stir Fry http://bit.ly/1SCfKWM
7. Chinese Almond Cookies https://youtu.be/zmkty55zSgY
8. Chinese New Year Cake https://youtu.be/a0h8gsHKFBM

♥ Outfit of the Day:
Colorful Birds Print Shift Dress (by SheIn) http://bit.ly/1Po4QUh

♥ How to ask for Red Envelopes https://youtu.be/p35MXSq6fHU

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Judi Ying says:

So gyoza are pot stickers?

foresty says:

hot pot food is pretty good and i have try it before and the other too…….<3

y50shk1 says:

Great video, love chicken dishes, I have a Chinese chicken movie on my channel if you want to check it out

Maria Mann says:

Hi Angel, can you make a video on "tang yuan"?

Georges Chan says:

More Bananas please…

talya rizal says:

i loke tea pot..pretty

Antonia Griffin says:

i loved the recipe!

Veronica Rodriguez says:

thanks for posting this angel! my family and i are going to have our first chinese new year party and were very excited! i'll tag my dishes and photos for you!

Tiffany Duong says:

The steamed bun on the top left looks like Baymax from Big Hero 6!

bri bart says:

i would like bananas in everything! go fruit smoothies! hahaha

Ka Vang says:

Do a dim sum series! 🙂

connie liu says:

haven't go back China for four years;-(( miss those homemade goodness and family gatherings so much!!

Alexs Ruiz says:

Nice video! You have one suscriber more! 🙂

1024specialkay says:

these are so helpful ! I want to give turnip cakes and the almond cookies a try!

dawntale says:

thanks for explaining the meaning behind the food XD i always eat them but neither i wonder the meaning nor somebody explain it to me hahaha

Nicole Cheng says:

Loved this video! Was just thinking about some recipe ideas to make for my grandparents for Chinese New Year since they're now in a nursing home, I think I'll try the turnip cakes! 🙂

The Life of Kubes says:

I love your tea pot! Where is it from? 🙂 love all of your videos, Angel. You are such a pleasant person to follow~!

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